Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Meet Cute

...and that is where our story essentially began. I, Robyn Rebecca Hicks (formally Young), met Jonathan Michael Hicks in the Fall of 2005 in Savannah, Georgia in one of those pre-destined, classic Hollywood moments. Our Meet Cute. No, I wasn't rushing off to class when I hap-hazzardly bumped into him...pages and pages scattering in the air. And no, we did not meet at a department store by picking up the same pair of gloves to give as a Christmas gift. And no, I didn't even crash into his bicycle on the moss covered streets with my car. In reality, neither of us can actually ride a bicycle. Full disclosure. But, our meet cute was certainly something special, completely our own, and ever since we crashed in to each other, my life has not been the same. As Robert Ebert describes it, a meet cute is a scene "in which somebody runs into somebody else, and then something falls, and the two people begin to talk, and their eyes meet and they realize that they are attracted to one another." Our eyes did meet and it was I who fell. We have been through many challenges in the past 8 and 1/2 years, but have also been incredibly happy ever since. 

This is not just a blog where I go on and on about how amazing my husband is...although, I assure you, I could. No, Jon and I were brought together by our love of all things cinema and our passion to one day make movies of our very own. Since then, we have done just that, forming our own production company titled "A Boy Meets Girl Production" and completing our first short film "Picture Show," which has gone on to screen at film festivals throughout the U.S. Our next short film entitled "Nirvana" is currently in pre-production and we will use this blog to keep everyone updated on our progress. 

So...what all is the blog about? 

Primarily, it will be about Jon and myself and who we are as artists. We will post videos, samples of work, daily projects, updates, reviews, current reading and screening lists. 

Second, Jon was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. This has most certainly affected us as artists. We will share aspects of our personal story, what it's like to live with cancer (from both survivor and caretaker perspective), and how cancer has inspired Jon to write and direct our next short film "Nirvana." More on that to come. 

So finally...why a blog at all?  I have resisted it for so many years. To be honest, it really freaked me out. I love to write, I have an art form to share, and I think I have something unique to say. But I can't help but think what will happen to all my thoughts, ideas, photos, Facebook updates, and now blog posts once I am dead and gone. It will remain on the world wide web long after I am no longer here. How frightening! What will some random guy in Italy think of this time capsule of mine 200 years from now? But then, I thought...all most of us want in the end is to be remembered fondly once we are gone. Especially artists. Some might say our desire to create is a direct knee jerk reaction to the fact that we are mortal and will kick the bucket sooner or later. At least with this blog, with facebook, even with the random photos I post on Instagram...I have some control over what others remember me by. Maybe one day my son or daughter can look back on this and piece together my profile or my blog and really get an understanding of who their mother was at the age of 28. More so than I ever can about my parents. Also, perhaps I can help others. Other young artists, other cancer survivors and caretakers, and anyone else searching for some meaning in this crazy, mixed up thing we call life. When I think about that...I'm okay with it. I'm okay with sharing. And after so many people tell you you could write a book or make a movie about your unpredictable, twisted eventually give in and go for it. And who knows, maybe I'm just as neurotic as a tick and I'll be the only one who reads this after all...

That's enough for now. 

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