Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On My Mind

Movie I'm analyzing: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (after reading the screenplay)/post to come soon...

Books I'm Reading:

Songs getting me by: Neighbors Soundtrack & Palo Alto Soundtrack

Projects I'm working on: Nirvana: A short film about cancer (pre-production, fundraising (please donate anything you will make it happen! Jon will post more on that soon), character development as an actor) ; Funny Valentine short screenplay ; SCAD graduate enrollment

Recent poem written: 


I make stories in my head.
In my mind. 
Happy story.
Sad story. 
Same characters.
Same circumstances.
Same place

I called my self a storyteller.
An artist. 
What did you expect? 
Are you going to to tell me my story's not true?
Should I stop making up stories for my own good?
I'm fucked.

I make up stories in my head. 
In my mind.
One day comedy.
Same day tragedy.
Same characters.
Same circumstances.
Different place.

Thanks for reading,
Robyn Rebecca Hicks

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