Sunday, June 7, 2015

What are your favorite things?

I experienced an outpouring of messages and love after my last blog post. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your support. When we're "in it," and we've been "in it" more over the past month than we have in the past 2 years, I easily forget about the support system I have around me. From friends and family I can call to neighbors right out my back door, I know we have many ready and willing to help at the drop of a hat. That fact is easy to forget when times get hard, so thank you all for sending messages, posts, texts, and calls. The reminder is a blessing.

I have a question for you...

In my last post, I wrote a lot about observing myself in the worst of times. One thing I noticed is that I get really good at changing the subject. Like, when I'm out walking my dog and I see someone on the street and they ask, "How's it going?" I respond with, "Not so good... I really like your top! That's cute" or "Really crappy... How are your kids doing?" And then the conversation spirals into details of where the top was purchased or how wild the kids have become. Sometimes it's just easier to change the subject than it is to dive into the gory details. I know you understand.

One thing I've found I'm not so good at... is being alone. Ever since Jon and I met, we've done everything together, as most couple do. It's just more fun that way. I think this is a common side effect for caregivers who are spouses and something you must cope with as things change. Nowadays, Jon needs a lot of rest, so I find I have a lot of time on my hands. I've recently taken up a few hobbies and thought I'd share them here. I thought maybe others could share their favorite "alone time" activities as well - keep it clean, folks! Maybe it's a particular book that you love reading or a new website you've found. Perhaps it's exercising or a tv show that is all your own. Please let me know and maybe we can all inspire each other with new hobbies and activities.

This summer, I want to get into my ancestry and origins, so I have that to look forward to. I'm also reading a wonderful book: Let's Just Say it Wasn't Pretty by Diane Keaton. I challenge anyone to feel lonely when you're with Diane. She is brutally honest, funny, & soulful. I also obsessively watch Gilmore Girls and my most recent addiction is YogaGlo. If you not only want to practice yoga but learn about it as well, and if you are as reclusive as I am and shy away from group exercise classes, this is the site for you! You can pick out your favorite instructors and practice at your own level, plus you can concentrate on your body for more fitness driven classes or your heart/mind for more mindfulness practices. And classes range from 5 -90 minutes, so you can pick and choose what works for you. It truly is amazing and I'm so thankful to my friend Dianne for introducing me, so here I am passing it along.

Now, it's your turn... what are your favorite things? 

With love,

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