Friday, December 5, 2014

The Places You Will Go

This week was filled with ups and downs, but we are celebrating with a fun, relaxing weekend before an even more stressful Monday when a follow-up appointment presents itself. Jon is feeling well and our little home is all decorated for Christmas, making us feel all warm and cozy!

Earlier in the week, I found out that a dear friend passed away last weekend in a car accident. She was young, beautiful, smart, and talented. We met in NYC in an acting program. While there, I made so many deep friendships that will last forever. We used to always talk about how I would visit her in her native Australia. I'm so sad because that trip will never come to be. It got me thinking about all the places Jon and I talk about going. Life is so short and we never know what lies ahead, but it's important to always keep dreaming. I'm going to do my best this weekend to come to peace with the sorrowful passing of my dear friend, the frustrations and anxiety of awaiting test results, and place my mind with happy thoughts of someday vacations to these wonderful places at the top of our list!

1. Austin

Austin is Jon's number one visit and maybe even one day to live! We discuss it often. There are many stops on our list, but the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is at the top!

2. Newfoundland

3. Los Angeles

I was there once for less than 24 hours and can't wait to go back with Jon! We want to visit friends + do a few of the studio movie tours!

4. Paris

Visiting the streets of Paris would be an absolute dream come true! 

5. New Orleans

Have a great weekend,

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