Tuesday, May 19, 2015

To Boston

Last Friday left me pretty frustrated as I was being told our insurance wouldn't cover the out of state clinical trial in Nashville. We did our best to put everything out of mind over weekend as all our plans were put on hold. Yesterday, I woke up to great news letting us know that our insurance will cover a doctor's visit to Mass General Hospital in Boston to see Dr. Alice Shaw. Absolutely wonderful news! Not only is Dr. Shaw one of the best oncologist in the world for this specific type of cancer, Mass General will be an option for us as far as clinical trials go. Between our insurance covering the doctor and the drug company covering the cost of the pills, the big expenses should be covered. Tomorrow morning, we will board a plane for Boston and meet with Shaw Thursday morning. By the time we return, hopefully we will have a new treatment plan in place!

We really couldn't do it without the support of all of our friends, family, neighbors, fellow cancer survivors and caregivers, and even strangers! Your outpouring of love has warmed our hearts and helps us cover the finances of travel, that will surely add up. We are so very thankful for you all! We are learning as we go along. As I was telling someone over the weekend, we honestly have no idea how to deal with this. We truly are figuring it all out. As two twenty-somethings, we were just figuring out where we wanted to live and what we wanted to do in life. I didn't think twice about insurance plans and coverage. So thank you all for helping us figure it out. I have so many people to turn to for advice. This really helps me keep this stress off of Jon, so that he can focus on healing.

I'll keep you updated as we figure everything out. Thank you for caring and carrying us through this difficult path. We appreciate it so much!


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