Monday, January 26, 2015

Savannah Anniversary

One year ago, on January 25, 2014, a community of people we love + complete strangers came together to give us the most beautiful wedding a girl could dream of. I married the man I love. The man I walk through life with. The man who stands by my side in the good and in the not so good. I will never, for as long as I live, be able to thank the individuals enough who so graciously donated their time, money, and energy to create the most special wedding for us. The past year has been rocky, at times, but oh so wonderful. Our love, along with yours, has seen us through. We traveled to Savannah, GA, the city where we met, to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.

I knew I wanted to live in Savannah long before I knew about SCAD. I remember telling Mary Anne and Trey Davis I was going to live there while at lunch in 7th grade. I've always been drawn there. Just the name gives me warmth. I think soulmates can come in many forms and Savannah is definitely one of mine.

We visited our favorite spots in town and realized how much we miss this sleepy little town full of beautiful history, including the story of our love. Since our time here, we have grown and changed, but we took comfort in how little this beautiful city has changed. It was just as we remembered it. Lovely.

The sun shone so bright all day, making it sometimes hard to take pictures. We didn't complain though, but relished in the sunlight. Here's Jon standing next to the boat on River Street. My first year, I stupidly went out for St. Patty's Day. When my group found ourselves on River St, I felt as though we were in the midst of the Apocalypse. It was a drunken mess. I called my Jon to come rescue me. He ran all the way from our dorms. My group had abandoned me and I was being pursued by a Hispanic man and his friend when I saw (as my memory may incorrectly serve) Jon leap over this boat, clearing it, to save me and take me back to our dorm. 

Harper loved every minute of it! Here she is looking out over Moon River. Some of you who know her won't believe this, but she was so good! We walked all over Savannah with her and she was well behaved and didn't bark. She was amused by everything! We even completed our day with lunch at Leopold's, where she ate a turkey sandwich and a (free!) doggy sundae! Savannah is very dog friendly! If you haven't already, take your pooch and see for yourself! 

The place we met. Jon and his friends knocked on this door. Next to Orleans Square and within sight of Flannery O'Connor's childhood home. Where it all began. 

Anniversary coffee and smoothie at THE BEAN next to Brighter Day and Forsyth Park! Watching people, dogs, SCAD students/misfits, and babies walk by. Listening to church music played in the Park and artists discuss their latest projects. Watching a man dance with one hand raised and the other holding a bag of Cheetos. Perfect way to start your morning! 

Anniversary selfie on the River. A sweet woman with no teeth (and proud of it bc "vanity is a sin") made friends with Harper and made us a special anniversary bouquet of Savannah Roses that look something like this: 

Forsyth Park! Right across from where we stayed! 

Our beautiful AirBnB accommodations! Thank you Natasha! I cannot help but wonder about this beautiful home's history...

 A girl and her dog on Moon River. 

 My hubby! 

SCAD has changed a lot since we were there, but our old stomping grounds of Boundary are the same. Good times here! 

Harper, the STAR!

 Filming location on this front porch for our first project together, Cantus for Irene Barlow.

I know what we'd be doing for Jon's b-day if we lived in Savannah...

Had this made at the Market on River Street. Will have to find the perfect pic. A wonderful keepsake!

Thanks to everyone who sent us messages and wished us a Happy Anniversary! It was truly special and a memory for all time. To those of you who shared this date with us one year ago, thank you for your love and kindness. You are always in our hearts. 

On the way home, I couldn't help but wonder: What's Next? We've come so far...further than I thought possible at times. I'm scared of the future, but I'm also very hopeful. Love can sustain us through difficult times. No matter what we face in this life.

We ended our night by dancing to our "first dance" song by The Mosleys and eating the top tier of our beautiful Blooming Flour Bakery wedding cake, as is tradition. It was delicious and just as I remember it one year ago! Thank you to Jennifer at Storybook Wedding ConsultingJessica Ashely Photography, Amber at Paisley Salon, Jamie and Tra at Vinewood PlantationThe Funky Shack Art StudioRusticus Wedding Films, and so so so many others for the greatest gift of love. Thank you!

One thing I know for certain: Every day is a gift. Make it count. 


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